About Us

Our mission is to promote and support the health of the population, especially children, by offering healthy sweets made only from natural ingredients. Sweets are made exclusively from fruits, according to a unique recipe – NO colorants, sweeteners, preservatives, GMOs or sugar. It is scientifically proven that these supplements contribute to many health problems, obesity, diabetes and cause allergies in the body.Our goal is to change the quality of consumed sweets and talk about the benefits of natural products for the body, try First Fruits products and give up bad habits – we want children and their parents to grow up healthy and happy!

We also believe that nature is the basis of everything, a unique system in which we all, from plants to people, are interconnected. The planet must be in balance. Unfortunately, some human actions do not always lead to improvements and damage the ecosystem. Because of this, today, there are so many endangered species of animals. Therefore, we teamed up with the Environment Protection Fund, the Lithuanian Natural Fund, and from each First Fruits package sold we transfer funds to help the environment and endangered species of animals. You can also help and influence by clicking here.